45 minute session

1 to 1 with an Aced It Expert aligned to your career goals

Get honest answers to all of your burning questions

Career guidance tailored specifically to your profile


Get your CV or Cover Letter reviewed before submitting

Receive a graded report against recruitment criteria

Get real feedback and personalised suggestions

Follow up call with the

Aced It Expert who reviewed your application


60 minute session
(interview + feedback)

Test your skills in a safe and friendly environment

Practice with experienced hiring managers who know what to look for

Receive honest and specific advice to make you standout


What is Aced It?

Aced It bridges the knowledge and experience gap faced by university students when applying for graduate jobs by connecting them with industry professionals who deliver personalised career mentoring and guidance.

What is an Application Review?


It is an opportunity for you to ... 

  • Receive detailed and professional feedback on your CV or Cover Letter 

  • Get a graded report and a follow up phone call with your reviewer

  • Refine your application to have the best chance of advancing to the next round

You will receive a graded report within 7 days and a follow up call with the Expert to discuss specific feedback.

Who are Aced It Experts?​

Aced It is powered by a collective of 10+ experienced industry professionals from a range of career pathways.


We have:

  • many years of experience coaching students  

  • run recruitment processes on behalf of companies 

  • reviewed thousands of CVs; and

  • conducted hundreds of job interviews.

What is a Mock Interview?


It is an opportunity for you to ... 

  • Experience the real thing and practice your skills with actual hiring managers

  • Select the type of interview you wish to practice (Behavioural, Technical, Case Study or Other)

  • Refine your interviewing skills with us so you ace it when it counts

These sessions run for 60 minutes (40 minute interview + 20 minute feedback) with one or more Aced It Experts with experience aligned to your career goals. 

What is a Consultation Session?

It is an opportunity for you to ... 

  • Discuss and refine what type of career you want and how to achieve it

  • Receive personalised advice including practical strategies specific to you  

  • Move forward with the confidence and knowledge you need to stand out from the competition

You will complete a short questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your career goals before the session.

What if I change my mind?

We want you to have peace of mind, and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions prior to purchasing. 

We are 100% confident in our services, but if you do change your mind, we require at least 24 hours notice prior to your booking for any cancellations.  Otherwise, a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the original price may be charged.


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