Here we provide you with a number of free resources to help you best prepare for your graduate applications.


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Experience Matrix

This handy spreadsheet should be used to prepare for behavioural interviews.


Memorise five Stories that cover all 'Qualities' listed, plus any others you think you can expect in your interview.


This will help you to focus on your best experiences and maximise your response coverage across a broad range of potential "Tell me a time when you ..." questions.

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CV Template

You'll find plenty of CV templates available online, but we think this one is the best to get started with.

See our blog and contact us for tips to draft a standout CV.

Your CV is the most important document in landing a job, so get it reviewed and re-written as many times as you need until you are 100% happy with it. 

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Employer List

A great list of the top employers across the popular career pathways in Commerce:

  • Investment Banking

  • Accounting Firms

  • Consulting

  • Corporates

Use this file to start planning your top company aspirations and to manage your applications come recruitment season.