A Spreadsheet To Make You Dangerous

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” – Oscar Wilde (A famous old Irish poet)

Time to get your calendars out!

It’s common for young professionals to get suffocated by the vast number of resources listing graduate opportunities / applications online. We’ve done the work and got you covered here.

We have put together a downloadable Company Lists spreadsheet which should form the basis for your applications this coming recruitment season.

It's ALL here

We were not able to find an equivalent resource available online (let alone available for free) and figured if we made this file once, it can be updated, downloaded and replicated many times over.

Within each of the career pathways (Investment Banks, Accounting Firms, Consulting and Corporates), we provide the following for 100+ of the largest employers in Australia:

  • Graduate Programs: Application Status & Closing Date

  • Internship Programs: Application Status & Closing Date

  • Eligibility

  • Location

  • Company Notes

  • Link to relevant company website

Note that we’ll be regularly updating this document as applications open up over the next few weeks and employers release additional information.

Importantly, many applications will open in early February 2019, and when these do open it’ll be like a tidal wave that you don’t want to fall behind on.

We recommend you use the files in the following way to get the most out of them:

  • Download the excel file and use this as a basis for tracking / planning your job applications by adding your own columns / information fields (i.e. adding a column for “Application drafted / submitted” to make sure you don’t forget to apply for a job you want)

  • Filter the companies as you desire (i.e. sort by application date, focus only on mid-tier accounting firms or remove the corporates you don’t care about)

  • Subscribe to the Aced It email list and social media alerts to keep track of updates and important information announcements

We hope you find this helpful and do stay tuned as we’re still cooking up more!