Let's Begin

“If you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something. And I already tried nothing” - Steve Trevor (Chris Pine in Wonder Woman)

Time to make something happen!

Welcome to Aced It, an initiative to break down the communication and information wall that exists between young professionals and full-time workers in the corporate game.

Why we did this

Job applications suck… we know… we went through them and had to hustle our faces off to get our the jobs we wanted. Several years on from that grind, a group of us find that we are STILL seeing embarrassing mistakes made at careers fairs… STILL grabbing coffees with young hopefuls who are way too nervous to hold a conversation… STILL seeing basic mistakes made in CVs… and STILL coming out of interviews thinking “that was a bloodbath… I really do want to help that candidate… just can’t on top of all my work”.

When you’re working any full time job (let alone one that has you heading home past 10pm most days), you simply don’t have time to devote to other things.

Adding to this, there is the unfortunate temptation to become an arrogant prick once you’ve made it… and you forget about everyone who gave you a helping hand along the way.

It’s tough to make a stand against this as an individual, but it’s much easier to make an impact as a group, an active community of like-minded individuals banded together towards a common goal.

And so we created Aced It, a collective identity powered by industry professionals who care about educating, supporting and mentoring the next generation of superstars.

Who we help

So who can benefit from the Aced It initiative? We use the umbrella term “Young Professionals” which we consider to include the following:

1. University students

  • First or second years: You have a killer advantage to start early in your journey

  • Penultimate or Final years: Time to get serious

  • Post grads: You’re academic background is a strength but won’t seal the deal alone

2. Full time workers & recent graduates

  • You’re not so crash hot on your current graduate program

  • You’ve made a lateral move and your new employer sucks

  • You weren’t as successful as you hoped in landing your dream graduate position, and are treading water in an alternate entry-level role, waiting for the next round to open up

  • You’ve had a bad run in the job market and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong; or

  • You’ve got a graduate job but you’re just looking at your options

Whilst some of our content is created specifically for the Australian market (where the majority of our collective are based), most of the information we provide should be helpful to anyone around the world looking to break into these business career pathways.

How we can help

1. Ongoing insights via blog & email:

  • A steady flow of insights, developments and updates to keep you in the know

  • The job application process can be a long grind, and it’s difficult to stay up to date with application opening/closing dates, as well as recent developments in the market (which you’re probably going to get asked about in your interview)

2. Communication:

  • The real silver bullet… reach out to us with your questions and concerns for the upcoming recruitment cycle, or your professional career in general, and we’ll get it answered by an industry professional

  • We are contactable via:

  • Our website form

  • Facebook - Link

  • Linkedin - Link

  • Email (

3. Official services:

  • Finally, we offer a bunch of official programs, where the Aced It community of industry professionals devotes time and expertise to help you achieve your goals. These paid-for services give you access to highly experienced individuals and valuable insights you’re not going to get anywhere else.

  • Consultation Sessions

  • Application Reviews

  • Mock Interviews

That’s a wrap for now.

Stay tuned for regular updates and new content!