Investment Banking Internships - Get Organised

Boom - exams are over.

Congratulations on getting through them. We are all about celebrating wins in life so make sure you spend many days doing exactly what you love these holidays.

Now it won’t hurt... if you have a moment during this time... to also start thinking about what’s next on your roadmap post university.

Many students forget that Investment Banking internships close in July (yep.. that’s soon), and if you’re interested in finance, M&A, markets or commerce in general, then you need to check out these programs. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a life changing opportunity because you simply didn’t know about it.

With that in mind, we’ve looked to do the hard work for you… after all… you’re on holidays. Below is a list of the upcoming internship opportunities and the relevant company links.

We have even created a spreadsheet for you to manage your applications on our Resources page.

As expected, these internships are super competitive... but if you play the application game right, these programs will set your career up like nothing else.

As always, check out our other posts for best practice application advice, tips and templates that employers will look for. The guidance we provide is the best available anywhere... because it comes from individuals who currently hire or have previously hired for these exact positions.

Our collective of industry professionals is a gold mine for insights and tips to ensure you put your very best foot forward when it counts. Don’t be afraid to get in touch.

All the best for applications and subscribe up as we will be sharing more soon.